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Astro City mini Celebration Album

VGM: Astro City mini Celebration Album

Composers: Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Koichi "Mickey" Namiki

Tracks: 15

Release: 12/17/20

Price: ¥3,000

(Sega / Sega Toys / Wave Master, Inc.)

From Quartet 2 to Rad Mobile, relive your favorite Astro City memories with 10 reimagined rock-infused tracks, original menu music, sound effects and more!

Astro City memories await with the "Mickey Arrange Ver." tunes on the Astro City mini Celebration Album!

Those retro Game Center lights, sounds... and scents will all come rushing back as you delve into the Astro City mini Celebration Album! Akin to the Mega Drive Mini Celebration Album that came before it, this isn't just a collection of classic chip-tunes, but instead a full-on reimagining of some legendary Sega Arcade earworms.

If you’re familiar with the S.S.T. Band (Sega Sound Team Band), which offered up official Sega rock renditions of their popular Arcade tunes from 1988-1993 (in Japan), then this album also acts as a mini-reunion of sorts as well; bringing back together two of its original key players in the likes of Hiroshi Kawaguchi (keyboards), original composer of such storied Sega classics as Space Harrier, OutRun, and After Burner, and Koichi “Mickey” Namiki (guitars), who worked on other Sega Arcade heavyweights such as Galaxy Force, Super Monaco GP, and Thunder Blade.

With these two legendary composers and arrangers on board to celebrate the launch and release of the Astro City mini cabinet from Sega Toys, you can rest assured that you're in for not only a nostalgic audible blast, but also for some fun, and creative new twists and turns to these fan-favorite tracks. Whether its the soaring guitar solos and melodies infused into Space Harrier's Main Theme, the playful acoustic approach to Fantasy Zone's opening segment, the in-your-face heavy metal riffs of Sonic Boom, the fast and furious keyboards of Quartet 2's medley, or the smooth bluesy notes from Scramble Spirits, this album offers much to explore, and enjoy.

Another very cool feature of this celebration album, is in how the album's tracks are comprised. As soon as you start up the Astro City mini Celebration Album you are greeted with the same sound effect tracks and 'Menu Music' you would hear when enjoying the actual cabinet itself. From the opening 'Start Up' sound and 'Decision ~ Game Start' sound effects, all the way to the 'Save / Shutdown' sounds of the final track, the album takes you on an audible journey from power on, to power off, which offers a very a unique and complete listening experience.

This ‘Sound Shock Series’ celebration CD contains 15 tracks:

1. Astro City mini ~Start Up~ -SE-

2. Astro City mini ~Menu Music~

3. Astro City mini ~Decision ~ Game Start~ -SE-

4. Space Harrier -Mickey Arrange Ver.-

5. Space Harrier ~WIWI JUMBO~ -[H.] Live Opening Ver.-

6. Fantasy Zone -Mickey Arrange Ver.-

7. Quartet 2 -Mickey Arrange Ver.-

8. Sonic Boom -Mickey Arrange Ver.-

9. Scramble Spirits -Mickey Arrange Ver.-

10. Gain Ground -Mickey Arrange Ver.-

11. Golden Axe -Mickey Arrange Ver.-

12. Rad Mobile -Mickey Arrange Ver.-

13. Virtua Fighter -Mickey Arrange Ver.-

14. Astro City mini ~Menu Music~ -Select Ver.-

15. Astro City mini ~Save / Shutdown~ -SE-

Whether its the album's unique listening structure, the creative new renditions of treasured classics, or the addition of rarer titles like Gain Ground and Rad Mobile, the Astro City mini Celebration Album is an album that should delight both long-time Sega music fans, and newcomers alike with its combination of charm, nostalgia, and simply fantastic musicianship.

At the time of this writing, the album can be purchased on Amazon Japan for around ¥3,000. Please check the link below for more information:



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