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OutRun 2 Sound Tracks - Side B (Xbox)

Console: Xbox

VGM: OutRun 2 Sound Tracks - Side B

Game: OutRun 2 (JP)

Composers: Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Fumio Itoh

Tracks: 14

(Sega, 2005)

Get Ready! The Japanese ‘First Limited Edition’ of OutRun 2 comes with the bonus CD ‘OutRun 2 Sound Tracks - Side B’!

'OutRun 2 Sound Tracks - Side B' (Bonus OST with OutRun 2 in Japan)

The bonus CD included with the first ‘run’ of OutRun 2 for Xbox in Japan contains 14 accessible and rare tracks complete with new ‘Euro Remix’ versions of the classic OutRun tracks ‘Splash Wave’, ‘Magical Sound Shower’, ‘Passing Breeze’, and ‘Last Wave’. The ‘1996 Arrange Version’ renditions (originally found on the Japan only Sega Ages release of OutRun on the Sega Saturn) also make an encore performance, as well as alternate versions of original OutRun 2 tracks, all culminating in a disc that reaches all five OutRun goals... fast!

Additionally, ‘OutRun 2 Sound Tracks - Side B’ contains ‘Guitar’ and ‘Prototype’ versions for such OutRun 2 wind-in-your-hair classics like ‘Risky Ride’, ‘Shiny World’, and ‘Night Flight’. Instrumental versions of ‘Night Flight’ and ‘Life was a bore’ (both having vocals in other versions of the songs) can be found here nestled between the driver and passenger seats midway through this 14 track trek across this classic yet new soundscape. While this soundtrack is spinning in your CD player, or streaming through your favorite device, it’s easy to picture the OutRun course map and your favorite driving moments and stages from OutRun and OutRun 2 while traversing through these incredibly upbeat, and thrilling song selections.

While Hiroshi Kawaguchi’s 1986 OutRun chip-tunes are absent in this outing, it actually puts the Ferrari headlights directly on these wonderfully reimagined tracks. The songs here are fully-realized, and the new compositions of the tracks we know and love so well are now taken to new elevations. OutRun Music 2.0 if you will. The ‘Euro Remix’ for ‘Magical Sound Shower’ for example, spares no expense, with bombastic beats and percussion, horns, and a blazing saxophone solo that is nothing short of stunning. If you are familiar with the original tunes, the ‘Euro Remix” versions are certain to surprise, and delight both casual listeners, and the most ardent of OutRun fans.

OutRun 2 (JP) for Xbox contains the soundtrack, and an interview pamphlet with the composers and arranger.

With the ‘Euro Remix’ renditions offering familiar, yet new soundscape variations on the classic tracks, the ‘1996 Arrange Version’ editions from the Sega Saturn release of the arcade original, are also equally impressive. These renditions take a more keyboard heavy approach, and have their own unique audible twists and turns. You’ll be hard pressed to choose favorites here, as both approaches are equally adept at expanding that key OutRun sound.

‘OutRun 2 Sound Tracks - Side B’ also contains Fumio Itoh’s terrific compositions for OutRun 2 which bring new excitement and drive to the OutRun soundscape. The Side B renditions of ‘Risky Ride’, ‘Shiny World’, ‘Night Flight’, and ‘Life is a bore’ are uptempo, and hard rockin’, with some electrifying guitar work. Just like with any good turn of the radio dial, having different artists and musical styles to choose from makes the audible journey both interesting and fun.

Being that this album is a production of Sega, there are also some notable appearances in various capacities from other familiar Sega sound creators as well. Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (Daytona USA) lends his instantly identifiable vocal stylings to a special ‘Vocal Version’ of ‘Last Wave’ as the album’s closing track. Richard Jacques (Sonic R) also contributes as the album’s Sound Arranger, while Mitsuharu Fukuyama lends his talents on the trumpet on the final track as well.

While this particular version of OutRun for the Xbox is now rather hard to come by, various OutRun and OutRun 2 song tracks can also be found on the ‘OutRun Vol. 1-3’ albums available on Apple Music and Spotify. So don’t miss those checkpoints, and go reach the goal with some incredible tunes to accompany you along the way!

What are your favorite tracks from the OutRun series of games?

OutRun 2 Sound Tracks - Side B Tracklist

  1. Splash Wave - Euro Remix

  2. Magical Sound Shower - Euro Remix

  3. Passing Breeze - Euro Remix

  4. Last Wave - Euro Remix

  5. Risky Ride - Guitar Mix

  6. Shiny World - Prototype

  7. Night Flight - Prototype

  8. Night Flight - Instrumental

  9. Life was a bore - Instrumental

  10. Splash Wave - 1996 Arrange Ver.

  11. Magical Sound Shower - 1996 Arrange Ver.

  12. Passing Breeze - 1996 Arrange Ver.

  13. Last Wave - 1996 Arrange Ver.

  14. Last Wave - Vocal Version

*Soundtracks from the OutRun series are also available to enjoy digitally on Apple Music and Spotify. (Links take you to each service's respective album page.)


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