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Shenmue Jukebox

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Console: Dreamcast

Game: Shenmue - Chapter 1 Yokosuka (Limited Edition w / Shenmue JukeBox)

(Sega Enterprises, Ltd., 1999 / 2000)

Chill out at You Arcade with a game of darts and a fine selection of tunes from the JukeBox! 🌀🎶

The first run Limited Edition release of Shenmue (11/06/2000) in the U.S. contained an additional bonus CD named ‘Shenmue JukeBox’.

The bonus CD 'Shenmue Jukebox', included with the first-run limited edition of Shenmue: Chapter 1 Yokosuka for the Sega Dreamcast, contains the original compositions that Ryo can choose from in the selection of JukeBox machines found throughout the game (sans the Arcade tunes from OutRun, Hang-On, Space Harrier, and AfterBurner that are also available on the in-game JukeBoxes).

While this CD was also included with the Japanese special edition release of Shenmue as well, it was also released as a standalone album .

Composers Ryuji Iuchi, Yuzo Koshiro, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Osamu Murata, and Takeshi Yanagawa round out an all-star cast for this unique, fun, and intrinsically Shenmue collection of songs. Whether bopping along to Yuzo Koshiro’s ‘Hip De Hop’, or kicking back with Takenobu Mitsuyoshi’s jazzy take on the ‘Sedge Tree’ main theme with ‘Antiquity Tree’, this 10 track album will instantly transport you to 1986 Yokosuka, complete with Japanese Game Center and Bar vibes.

Track list:

01 Heart Beats

02 Hip De Hop

03 GoGo

04 Like A Feeling

05 Antiquity Tree

06 Flower Girl

07 Dandy Old Man

08 Liquor

09 Boz Nov

10 MJQ

Bonus Stage: The first-run of the US release of Shenmue: Chapter 1 - Yokosuka, has the banner “Limited Edition - Includes Original Soundtrack Music Inspired by Yu Suzuki” printed on the upper portion of the front cover to denote this unique edition.

What tunes hit the bullseye for you? 🎯


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