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Sega Saturn (HST-3200)

Console: Sega Saturn

Model: HST-3200

Release: 11/22/1994 (JP)

Price: ¥44,800

(Sega Enterprises, Ltd.)

Heading to Saturn! 🪐

The Japanese gray HST-3200 G1 Sega Saturn

The original gray and blue launch Saturn, with its oval buttons, glossy black front panel that houses lush green and fiery red power and access lights, and the wholly unique embossed section of the lid that carries itself like a shooting star trailing across the rings of Saturn, is one beautifully designed console.

Pressing the open button on the model 1 Saturn is akin to the hatch of a futuristic spaceship opening (which perhaps was the intention, as the Saturn UI literally puts you in the cockpit of this spacecraft while browsing system settings, and while listening to music CD’s or Redbook audio from the games themselves in the system’s Music Player mode). There’s just a confidence that exudes from this console, that brings back a sense of wonder of what new world awaited to be explored on the next disc being clicked into place.

Those new worlds included incredible new series the likes of Panzer Dragoon, Clockwork Knight, Virtua Fighter, NiGHTS, and original single entry adventures like Astal, Burning Rangers, Lunacy, Sonic R, and Mr. Bones.

With so many amazing games in its library, is there a favorite series or title that stands out for you? 🪐


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