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Columns (Game Gear Micro)

Console: Game Gear Micro (Red)

Game: Columns

Genre: Puzzle

(Sega, 1990 / 2020)

(*Cartridge and gems not included.) 😉

Game Gear Micro Red with Columns
Game Gear Micro Red, featuring Columns and a classic GG Columns cartridge for size reference.💎

Columns released in the arcade, and for the Sega Mega Drive and Game Gear in 1990 in Japan, and also released in 1991 as a pack-in title with the Game Gear in North America. Since its original release, Columns has since gone on to become a beloved puzzle gaming classic.

Creating a cascading gem-zapping combo in Columns, together with its Ancient Greece inspired atmosphere, and incredibly catchy chip-tunes (by famed Sega composer Tokuhiko Uwabo), provides a rewarding, fun, and timeless gaming experience.

Aside from a slightly different title screen (light blue on the Game Gear version, as opposed to a black background title screen with statues on the SMS), and the option for 2 Players on the SMS, the GG version has much in common with the Master System port of the game.

In both versions, there are 2 game modes (Original, and Flash), 3 difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, Hard), 9 levels, 3 classic chip-tunes to choose from, and the choice of block type (classic gems, blocks, shapes, dice, and fruit).

This revered retro-classic makes its latest appearance on the Game Gear Micro Red, and despite the scrumptiously bite-sized proportions of the Micro, Columns still plays wonderfully, which is a real testament to the engineering, and emulation behind the Game Gear Micro (handled by Sega and M2 respectively).

Classic game, new hardware!

What are your memories with Columns, and which mode is your favorite?

*Bonus Stage: The Game Gear Micro Red launched on 10/06/2020 in Japan for ¥4,980, and along with Columns, comes preloaded with 3 other classic Japanese Game Gear games: Last Bible, Last Bible S, and The GG Shinobi.


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