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The Last Starfighter (Blu-ray)

Media: Blu-ray

Film: The Last Starfighter

Genre: Sci-Fi

Director: Nick Castle

(Lorimar / Universal, 1984 / Arrow Video, 2020)

"Alex Rogan was a small town boy with big time dreams..."

Greetings, Starfighter!

"Greetings Starfighter! You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-dan armada!"

Join Alex Rogan, Star League, and a lovable interstellar cast of characters as they defend the Frontier in this stunning Blu-ray release of the 1984 video game inspired classic! 💫

This limited edition is packaged in a galactically cool slip-case with brand new promotional art. The inner case also contains a reversible cover that has the original 1984 artwork. (Additionally, this first-run edition includes a double-sided poster, and a full-color 38 page booklet that contains cast and crew information, articles, and restoration information.)

For fans of this seminal early CG Sci-Fi classic, this special edition Blu-Ray release is well-worth the price of admission, with a plethora of special features, such as a new 4K scan of the original print, archival documentary and making-of footage, new interviews with cast and production crew, image galleries, trailers, and much more.

It's great to see this beloved Sci-Fi Video Game inspired cult classic receive a release the Star League can be proud of. 💫

*Bonus Stage: While an actual Last Starfighter arcade game was never released, there was a limited 3-issue Marvel comic series that released in 1984, and a NES game that released in 1990.

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