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Rose Colored Gaming Special Edition & Shelf Candy Display Stands

VG Decor: Special Edition & Shelf Candy Display Stands

Versions: Mario & Zelda Game & Watch Stands (Special Edition) / NES Classic Mini, Sega Genesis Mini, TurboGrafx-16 Mini Shelf Candy Display Stands

Manufacturer: Rose Colored Gaming

Your Portables and Mini consoles... elevated!

Looking to elevate your Mini console's awe-factor? Rose Colored Gaming's Special Edition handheld display stands, and glossy, black acrylic Shelf Candy display stands are a perfect way to bring focus and appreciation to the classic designs of your portables, mini consoles, and controllers.

The Special Edition stands for the anniversary Mario and Zelda Game & Watch releases complement the new portables perfectly, with matching translucent base colors. They also come with two clear stand pieces, and a wonderful medallion-shaped symbol (with a very cool, almost coin-like texture) representative of each game's mythos (Mushroom for Mario, and Tri-Force for Zelda).

If you are looking to display something slightly more grand in size, the Shelf Candy options from Rose Colored Gaming for Mini Consoles are also of note to explore. These glossy black acrylic stands really pop, and offer a new, askew vantage point for your treasured Mini consoles. Each set comes with the stand base, console and controller stand pieces, and an etched nostalgic logo reminiscent of the console in the lower left corner of the base to really bring home those classic retro vibes.

Whether displayed prominently on a shelf for adoration, or nestled perfectly into your entertainment center, these display stands really enhance game room decor aesthetics with an added sense of curated style and class.

The stands that we purchased all came extremely well-packaged, with each piece having a removable protective film for added protection during shipping. The stands were also very easy (and fun!) to put together, and once assembled allowed for easy placement of

the handhelds, consoles, and controllers to their confident new perch.

If interested in adding an extra touch of organization, style, and decor to your game room, check out Rose Colored Gaming's website at for more on their Special Edition stands, Shelf Candy Mini console display stands, and more.


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