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Lunacy (Saturn)

Console: Sega Saturn🪐

Game: Lunacy

Genre: FMV / Adventure

(System Sacom / Sega / Atlus, 1997)

Beautifully surreal, wonderfully mysterious, and endlessly enchanting. Can you help Fred regain his memory, and find the City of Moons? 🌙

"My name is Fred... I am a traveler."

There’s a captivating, and unique charm to Lunacy, (also known as Gekka Mugentan Torico in Japan), that encourages the player to learn more about its eccentric cast of characters and intriguing surroundings, and remains a stellar example of FMV (Full-Motion Video) gaming.

Wandering around Misty Town in search of clues to find the City of Moons is relaxing, intriguing, and wonderfully mysterious!

During Fred’s adventure to regain his memory, you’ll meet an assortment of eccentric denizens on your journey, each with their own unique personality traits (that will be sure to leave a lasting impression!). Lunacy’s surreal environments, together with its incredible soundtrack, and entertaining voice-acting, make for one unforgettable experience, and this oft overlooked title would make a terrific addition to any Saturn / adventure game fan’s library.

If you’re a fan of Lunacy, or looking to check the game out for the first time, developer System Sacom’s earlier FMV effort ‘Mansion of the Hidden Souls’ (released on both the Sega / Mega CD and the Sega Saturn, and also more recently on the Sega Genesis Mini II) is also a terrific experience and well-worth playing as a precursor to the more expansive world found in Lunacy.

Lunacy is a gaming experience quite unlike any other, and is a high water mark title, for an under-appreciated genre. Now venture on traveler, the City of Moons awaits! 🌙

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