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Game Gear Micro(s)

Console: Game Gear Micro

Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue

Release Date: 10/06/2020 (Japan)

Launch Price: ¥4,980

(Sega Co. Ltd.)


Game Gear(s) Micro!
Game Gear(s) Micro!

Released only in Japan as one of several celebratory products for Sega’s 60th Anniversary, each Game Gear Micro retains the original Game Gear’s classic aesthetics, with some slight modifications to compliment the new, truly impressive minuscule form factor. A total of five Game Gear Micros were released, with each Micro housing 4 classic Japanese GG games (some of which were available internationally as well). The original line-up of these byte-sized 8-bit tributes released on 10/06/2020 in Japan in four colors: Classic Grey, Red, Yellow, and Blue (with a fifth limited edition White GG Aleste focused variant releasing later).

Similarly to the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Minis that released in 2019, the UI and emulation for the Game Gear Micros have been handled by famed emulation masters M2. Just like with the aforementioned consoles, the UI is filled with some wonderful design, and some fun Easter Eggs, like a game spine view on the menu screen, and three separate original UI music tracks (the first UI track is composed by chibi-tech, and the second alternate menu track is composed by Shinichi Sakamoto of Wonder Boy / Monster World series fame). In terms of quality, these additional bells and whistles really take the Game Gear Micros to the next level.

The following games are included on each GG Micro pictured:

Red: Columns, GG Shinobi, Last Bible, Last Bible S

Yellow: Nazo Puyo Aruru No Ru-, Shining Force, Shining Force Gaiden, Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict

Blue: Baku Baku Animal, Gunstar Heroes, Sonic & Tails, Sylvan Tale

While the Game Gear Micros may not have been designed for maximum comfort, or serious extended play, as novelty collector’s items, they exceed expectations by offering an intriguing new form factor (the engineering here is truly impressive), a fun selection of hardware colors and games, and an affordable price-point on each unit. For Sega hardware fans, and portable gaming fans alike, these fun little gadgets make a great addition to display in any game room or office, and they are also great fun for some easy-to-carry, on-the-go Sega nostalgia!

*Bonus Stage: When your GG Micro runs low on batteries, it will display some original illustrations starring some classic Sega characters who are in need of some fresh battery power! Keep your eyes peeled for Alex Kidd & Stella, Flicky, and more to help encourage owners to keep a fresh batch of AAA batteries on-hand!

For more on the Game Gear Micro, visit the Sega 60th website.


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