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NexiGo NS53 Enhanced Wireless Joypad Controller (Switch)

Console: Nintendo Switch

Accessory: NS53 Enhanced Wireless Joypad Controller

Version: Cosmic Nebula

Release Date: 11/24/2021

Manufacturer: NexiGo

Price: $49.99 (NA)

Switch gaming, gone galactic! 💫

NexiGo Wireless Joypad Controller (Cosmic Nebula)

With an assortment of alternative Joy-Con options available out there in the galaxy, it can be a little daunting to find a pair that match the wonderful feature set of the originals. However with both of our stock Joy-Cons (and our Pro Controller) showing signs of the infamous drift issue, we decided to try venture out into the vastness of internet space with the goal of finding a suitable replacement (and with some desired new additions as well)!

Enter the NexiGo Wireless Joypad Controller

Three features that were desired in finding a replacement, were gyroscope motion controls, vibration, and more hand-grip real estate for more comfortable, extended gaming sessions. (NFC- Near Field Communication was also a desired feature, however doesn't seem to be one that is available on 3rd Party offerings as of yet.)

The NexiGo Wireless Joypad Controller can be used as either a stand alone wireless controller, as two separate Joy-Cons for 2 player mayhem, and can also be used by directly attaching them to the Switch for portable mode, providing a very close overall experience to the original Joy-Con experience (after experimenting with different scenarios, the Switch can still be docked with the NexiGo Joypads attached, and the Joypads can be charged either individually with a separate USB-C cable... or charged directly through the Switch while it is docked, similarly to the original stock Joy-Cons).

New Galactically Awesome Additions

While the NexiGo Wireless Joypad Controller may lack the nifty NFC feature found in the original Joy-Cons, it makes up for this omission with some other new galactically awesome additions, such as ergonomic design, programmable buttons and turbo, and the very cool addition of changeable LED ring lights that are housed around both analog sticks.

Comfortable, extended play

Another area where these Switch controllers excel, is with comfort. With more grip real estate, and curved backs to the controllers (with well-placed access to turbo, button mapping features, and LED light controls), this enables more comfortable extended play sessions. The cosmic nebula print design on the controllers is also an eye-catching feature that really elevates the whole package (especially when combined with the LED ring lights which have several colors and different lighting modes to explore).

Affordable alternative

All in all, the NexiGo Wireless Joypad Controllers have so-far proven to be a great addition to the Switch accessory family. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to the standard Joy-Cons that offer great ergonomics, eye-catching design, and fun new additions, these controllers are definitely worth a look (with, or without a telescope!). ⭐️

What are your favorite Joy-Con alternatives?


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